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Our mission at Reign Kids Concierge is giving families and children access to ideas with, creativity, originality and a touch of luxury!

Luxury Concierge
For Kids

We are a luxury kids concierge service catering to the needs of your kids - from those coming from far and wide on holiday to Ibiza, to those who are our local kids, our residents. We provide exclusive experiences that are exciting, fun and memorable for them and stress-free for their parents.

In our list of services, you will find luxury toy rental, event planning, bespoke meal options and location scouting for top family villas.

We offer a number of different packages that can be tailored to your family’s particular needs, and no request is too big or too small.


Hi, I’m Sara, mother of two gorgeous, vivacious children and the founder of Reign Kids Concierge Ibiza.

I have been a resident on the island for over a decade and since becoming a mum and meeting up with lots of other mums on many occasions, I often heard them discuss about the lack of available services and resources for children.

This is when the concept for Reign was born.

Sara, Reign Kids Ibiza
Why Not?
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Our mini clients’ wishes are our top priority, so we aim to create an environment where they have everything they could possibly need!

Fun with a mini AMG Mercedes G-Class Ibiza?
Fun with a mini AMG Mercedes?
With the baby on the beach in Ibiza?
With the baby on the beach?
Special events under, over or above?
Special events under, over or above?
Rent the perfect holiday villa for the entire family
Rent the perfect holiday villa for the entire family!
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Have you ever thought about adventurous possibilities For your youngsters.
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Sara Torralbo
CEO Reign Kids Ibiza
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